Friday, November 16, 2012


Poor Molly was a former bait dog that was rescued by Lucky Tails Animal Rescue off the euthanasia list from a rural kill shelter in Georgia. She is a sweetheart but needs some help covering her heartworm treatment and transport. Please help them help her!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Romeo & Juliet

I went to Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival's performance of Romeo & Juliet twice and I love it! I would go again if I could. Everything about it is modern, with an antique twist on it. I wrote Carl Howell (Romeo) and Angela Janas (Juliet) letters and at the Curtain Call, Angela smiled and waved at me! it was the best!

Also, Lucky Tails Animal Rescue has another doggie in available for adoption. His name is Romeo and he is a sweet, little yorkie/terrier mix that is good with other dogs, playful and full of life and spunk. He's looking for a warm and loving home.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Wow! One of the Spider-Man stunt doubles just leapt into the air and is swinging around the theatre. He passes over my head and leaps onto the Green Goblin’s back. You can see him battering the Goblin with his fists and just when the Goblin is preparing to launch a deathly blow, Spider-Man leaps out of the way and disappears onto a landing mat no larger than a coffee table. 


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spider-man Turn Off the Dark!

For my birthday, I got to go see Spiderman Turn off the dark again! Since I've been talking about it non stop since I was lucky enough to go see it with my grandparents. It is the most amazing show!

Afterwards we got to go and meet the star who played Spider-man! I was so excited!

After that we went to a french restaurant to have fondue. Then went home to have ice cream cake and a movie. 
It was the best birthday ever!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Rocksis is pretty much the perfect dog, why do you think his name is Rocksis? Because he ROCKS! Rocksis is one of the most mellow dogs I have ever met, who wants nothing more than to cuddle in your lap. He is happiest when he is being touched and loved. He walks beautifully on leash, and does not require much exercise. Rocksis isaround 5 years old and 75 lbs.

If you are interested in Rocksis, please contact 


Beach Night


Wahoo! These waves are so much fun! I paddled out into the water on the sled that Grace and Lilah brought and tried to catch a wave. I didn’t. The sleds are too floppy to catch a good wave. I wish I brought my boogie board!

The water at the beach that evening was warm. We arrived at the beach at around five thirty to meet our friends Grace, Lilah, Marlin, Evren and Kaya. After we played in the water for a fair bit we went back to the parents to have dinner and a snack. It was yummy.

Once our chicken and bars were devoured, Grace, Marlin and I headed out again. We wanted to go to the same spot we were before (because there was no seaweed there and Grace loathed seaweed), but we couldn’t find it.  During our search, a lady asked if we could watch her daughter swim for a bit (because she didn’t bring her suit) and we said yes. Marlin took over that job and we asked her if it was okay for us to go and swim and she said yes.

Grace and I got into the water and by that time the waves were getting bigger and even more fun! Lilah came to join us and when all of us were playing, I put my foot down and I heard a Crunch! Something pinched my foot! It hurt! I paddled back to shore to look at my foot and couldn’t see anything so I got back into the water and Lilah asked me if I wanted to paddle out far with her and I said sure. We were out pretty far when Grace and Marlin yelled at us, “Hey Guys!” They yelled, “The parents said we weren’t allowed to go farther out than our belly-buttons!” “Our Belly Buttons!” I yelled back in shock. By now we were already over our heads! They nodded. I wanted to go negotiate with the parents because that was a ridiculous rule!

Running back to the parents, we negotiated with them to alter their rule. They agreed to let us go farther than our belly buttons. We said yes and decided to go back into the water. Grace and I tried to duck dive with the sleds like surfers and it was really fun!

Before long we came out and all of us decided to play a big game of Frisbee and go on the swings. Grace and I amused ourselves by running by the swingers without getting hit and we were lucky that we didn’t even though it was enjoyable!

 After a giant game of Frisbee, Grace, Lilah and I went back into the water to play and it was the best! The water was the warmest and the waves were the biggest and it was so much fun! Soon the parents gave us the two-minute warning and then the “time to go”. We walked back to our cars and said bye! By that time the sky was getting darker and on the way home there was a big storm! I really enjoyed the waves at the beach!